Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Themed speech cleanliness in the campus environment

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

Lecturers whom I respect and friends of students that I loved and I am pround of. On this day I will deliver a speech about protecting the environment in the area of campus we.First of all let us pray to the presence of Allah SWT because of our blessings and gifts we can gather in this bright morning in good health. Shalawat and greetings may be poured to the Prophet Muhammad SAW to his family, his friend, and hopefully to us as his followers.

Friends, know that the environment is a place of life for all living things. Therefore we must preserve our environment so that we can live comfortably. One way to preserve the environment is to maintain cleanliness. Maintaining cleanliness of the environment can be started from small things, but sometimes very difficult to do by we.example is to throw garbage in place.

This time awareness to maintain cleanliness among us as a student is very less. Viewed from our campus environment that there is still scattered rubbish, whether plastic waste food-drinks, or paper. Whereas the waste provided by the campus is adequate. In every corner of Campus there is a dumpster. But the lack of awareness of us to throw garbage in place as a form to keep the campus environment. Aside of throwing garbage in place, we must get used to sorting the garbage in accordance with the group before it is put into the trash.

Type of waste is divided into 3, namely:

1. Wet Trash is a waste that is easy to decompose and rot,
example; Leftover food, vegetables and fruits, garden trash and kitchen waste.
2. Dry waste is the waste that can not decompose and decompose naturally,
Examples: paper, cardboard, plastic, textile, rubber, glass, cans, etc.
3. B3 waste (Hazardous & Toxic) is toxic and reactive waste which is very harmful to the health and life of organisms, among others, batteries, paints, pesticides, hospital waste, etc

But the usual garbage containers provided only 2 types, namely wet and dry garbage.But in the end the separation of wet garbage and dry waste is finally time is thrown together reunited so in vain we mengila wet garbage and dry garbage if in the end also reunited . This should be a cooperation between the government and the campus for the disposal of wet and dry waste to reduce environmental pollution.
In closing, I just wanted to convey a message from my speech by delivering a proverb. Cleanliness is part of faith. With this I hope my friends as the next generation of students care and realize the importance of maintaining Cleanliness.
Such is the speech I can say apologize if there is a mistake in speaking. For your attention I say thank you and I end.

WalbilaihiTaufikWalhidayahWassalamualaikum W.W.

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