Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Future Business

In the future I plan to open a business mabel, Becouse I think mabel companies have a pretty good business opportunities. Becouse when viewed from the nature of consumers, especially housewives furniture is very profitable. Usually most housewives have envy, especially if their neighbors have new items such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. Most people choose a luxurious yet classic look like teak chairs, teak tables and teak cabinets. 

Judging from the circumstances I took the opportunity and want to start the mabel business. At first I may have difficulty in capital and how to get the raw material. So I will look for some acquaintances or friends who also want to run the mabel business to increase capital in this business and if we start together it will be easier to find a relation to provide the raw material

I will make an initial promotion that can catch the attention of consumers, with a small profit risk. I will emphasize on good quality products such as selected wood on certain terms and add a chisel motif that appeals to consumers.
If my mabel business is already known to my customers it will slowly raise the appropriate price after the promotion. Of course consumers will not mind or move the place of mabel because they already know the quality of our products.

If the mabel business goes according to plan I will open a new branch.
Of course all businesses have advantages and disadvantages of each, but it will be an advantage if we as entrepreneurs have perseverance in running the business.
That is all and thank you.

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