Jumat, 14 April 2017

Ask an Expert

On Posting Today I had the opportunity to interview my friend
Biodata of speakers
Name                          : Vironika Puspita Reni
Address                       : Komyos Sudarso Street, Komplek Tebu baru, Number 12
Status                          : Student
Skills                           : Martial arts silat
Gender                        : Female
Religion                      : Katolik
Place of the Interview : Warkop Muya, Revormasi Street
Date of Interview        : April 13, 2017
Description                 : A = Questioner
                                      B = The speaker

The content of the Interview
A         : “At first what you think when you first heard about the word silat ?”
B         : “First, what I know is synonymous with fighting.”
A         : “Then why do you want to get silat ?”
B         : “At first I was only invited by my friend. But over time I began to love to follow this martial until now.”
A         : “When you follow the activities of the martial arts of the silat, are there any achievements that you earn ?”
B         : “No, Because I never follow the race.”
A         : “Why don’t you follow the race martial arts of the silat ?”
B         : “Actually I never sign up I, but don’t meet these requirements.”
A         : “Reqirements what makes you not follow the race?”
B         : “The First weight I suddenly came down with drastic so my weight is less. The second I heard it wrong info if my area is not included in the competition.”
A         : “Sure you get a lesson from the incident. The wisdom of what you can ?”
B         : “Although I don’t follow the game, but I feel happy because I was given the confidence to become mentors of younger sister of junior that I carry and I am pround because my students acquire the champion.”
A         : “Congratulations on the success of protégé. Before I thank you for your time for me to interview you.”
B         : “You,re welcome.”

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