Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill

Of some of the activities that I do. I have two abilities in academic and non-academic. My Skill at academic is in the field of accounting. Indeed I have not had the experience in the field of accounting in the company. But I’ve been able to make a reports bookkeeping company palm. At first I was in favor by my uncle who worked in the oil palm company to me, Because yes I know that I am a graduate from SMK majoring in Accounting. At first I was also afraid because for the first time make a report bookkeeping the original from company and it is very different with the exercises in vocational school. Here that’s different is if we in the exercises make a report bookkeeping in SMK encountered an error of only harming ourselves, but if we encountered an error on the create repots bookkeeping in the company, it will obviously hurt many people.
But I try ventured to make it of course initially I also ask for help to people who are more expert in the field of accounting. After the report of the bookkeeping is completed and I start not to think about that fear anymore, because I’ve managed to make it correctly, so that when my uncle ask for help again I’ve started to ged used to these conditions. While my skill in non-academic is to play football. Because my hobby playing football I often follow the tournament between the village with my friends. From the few tournaments that I never follow we had twice become the champion.

That’s all I have about my skill, Although there are many people who have the ability to that better than I, but I remain proud of my skill and I will develop the skill.

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