Rabu, 01 Maret 2017

Discovering Connections

  1.  Why have you chosen the economics education at FKIP UNTAN ?
  2. Would you like to work for a company, teach ekonomi disciplines at university of operate your own economic business ?
  3. Do you think you have enterpreneurial flair of talent ? what traits is a successful businessman supposed to possess ?
Answer :
  1. We chouse economics education at FKIP UNTAN, because in the beginning of the basic capabilities that we have there in the fleld of economic.
    Why prefer FKIP UNTAN ?
    Because we want to be a teacher and if compared to other universities, the university of tanjungpura has higher quality. 
  2.  We choose to be a teacher, because be cause we want to improve the quality of education in indonesi especially in the field of economic. But do not close the possibility of our becoming an enterpreneur or an employee in a company.
  3.  Yes we have, the characteristics of bussniessman, That is : 
  • Confident
  • Do not easily give up 
  • Discipline
  • Honest
  • Dare to take the risk 

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