Rabu, 01 Maret 2017

Why I continue my study to university level

Welcome to my blog.

Introduce my name Muhammad Widodo, my friends usually call widodo, I am a student at Tanjungpura University. My country Indonesia, I live in Pontianak city, My height 163 Cm and my weight is 53 Kg. My age 18 years old, I was born in the village of Rukma Jaya.

I am second child of three brothers, my father was a teacher and my mother as housewife. My hobby is play football with exercise our body will be healthy.

I never went to school in SDN 34 Pontianak City, continue to the MtsN 2 Pontianak City and choose SmkN3 was as a place to seek knowledge before arriving at the University level.

I at SmkN 3 Pontianak majored in accounting. Accounting to me a lasson in accounting it’s easy and can also be difficuld. Why do I say easy ? Because if we already understand the basics we will easily understand the material next, and why can be hard, if we still do not understand basically we will have difficulty receiving the material the next.

Why  I Countinue My study to University Level ?   
Because i want to improve my skills in the field  economic. 

Why i choose economic education ?
Because I want to be a Teacher, So The can Share Knowledge to the people.So many people can   understand about the economy and with the science can help as well the economy, because that   already know the basics about the economy.  

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